Website creation, this can be fun or difficult depending on what you plan to accomplish. This is where I come in, if you would like to have website built then I am happy to help. With over 10 years experience in computers and web design I have the skills to help you become successful. 

In addition you can find helpful information on troubleshooting errors encountered on your website, everything from 500 Internal Server Errors to configuring Scheduled Tasks/Cron Jobs on your hosting environment. 


Below is a list of issues you may commonly come across when troubleshooting a website. If you come across these issues they can be resolved as long as you know where to look.


  • 500 Internal Server Error (PHP/ASP.NET)
  • Contact form is not sending emails (Click Here)
  • Getting a 404 error (example)
  • Accidentally removed files/folders and needs to restore the content
  • Installing a 3rd party SSL on cPanel hosting
  • Having issues with connecting with FTP (Click Here)
  • PDO is not enabled
  • Running a Cron Job in cPanel
  • Trying to run HTML files as PHP
  • Trying to migrate email accounts from another cPanel account 
  • CGI Email Form is not sending the body
  • Getting a 406 | Not Acceptable Error when updating your site
  • PHP files are trying to download to your computer when browsing
  • High Resource Usage on your hosting environment


  • Posted on 10. July 2014
  • Written by Mr. Boyd
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