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When attempting to reach a section of your site or the home page on some occasions you can come across across a 404 Error page like the one below.     First you want to compare the URL to the location … Continue reading

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When users configure email or form mails to work with cPanel in theory if scripted properly messages from forms should be delivered as well as any email for the domain.  However in some cases users prefer to use 3rd party MX records … Continue reading

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Are you having issues with connecting via FTP? Personally, I prefer the the client Filezilla for uploading my files via FTP, however it is understandable if you use your own personal client.  When attempting to FTP you may come across errors such … Continue reading

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If the customer already has an active web.config file on the hosting account you will want to edit this file and search the text for “<system.webServer>” as you see to the right. You will want to add the line of … Continue reading

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When troubleshooting a 500 Internal Server Error with PHP files on a Linux hosting environment you will want to review the .htaccess file in the existing directory as well as any directories above. First you can test the site by disabling … Continue reading

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